About Us



We are a 501-C-19 Tax Exempt Veterans Association (Federal & State)

On September 14th, 2005, the North West chapter of Game Wardens was established with the blessings of its parent National organization. We met and elected a board with the same attributes and strengths of the men who helped to make the Brown Water Navy legend. The Chapter is made up of mostly local NW Brown Water combat veterans, who like our National Association organized together with the common goal of their shipmates before them:

  • Find our brothers and shipmates and welcome them home
  • Celebrate our history and document our pasts
  • Educate the public of our work and garner new friendships
  • Support our National Security
  • Support other Patrol Boat Restoration Projects
  • Celebrate our Sailors , Soldiers and Marines who are out on the rivers, canals and backwater battlefields of today